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Tokyo Marui KSG Gas Shotgun: First Impressions

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After years of wanting Tokyo Marui's newest releases and then not having enough money to actually buy them, I finally put my money where my mouth is and preordered their new KSG gas shotgun. I honestl

Great review, thanks! Hope to see some fielding reports soon Looks like Tokyo Marui is starting to lack behind even of Chinese cheap OEMs when it comes to plastics..  Don't get me wrong, they are on

Hi mate , sorry for late reply only just seen , any hoo yes I did use propane and as the bear said it was in a after market CnC tank that I bought for it . I’ve actually sourced another for my self (t

Aznriptide859- were you able to get the SAT valve leak issue solved on your ksg?


Not yet, been busy as hell with tests. I'm awaiting a set of TBB's before opening the gun again.


Do somebody know that the valve-nest in the expansion chamber is the same with the TM M870 Tactical - Breacher?

I would like to know this because I made a new valve-nest to solve the leaking issues at the front of expansion chamber.


I can check for you with pics too.

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Sorry for the delay, here's disassembly pics!

First get to this step: take off upper rail via two allen screws, then take off the front barrel part by unscrewing the barrel ring and 2 mag tube nuts. Take off cover that reveals the 6/3 shot lever.



Take off the two pins holding lower to upper.




Pull lower off upper.



Unscrew round head screw, Philips, one on each side.




Pull off butt stock piece, just like you would on the real one.




Pry the front halves of the cheekrest slightly apart.




Pull cheekrest towards back and off. Be careful, since there's a lot of small parts hanging on underneath it.




The parts underneath, use these for reference when reinstalling.





Unscrew 10 screws for the pump grip: 6 up front, then 4 in the back, 2 on each side. You should get these pieces off once you're done with that, they'll just split apart off the gun.



Unscrew outer barrel in front of the piece that the rear part of the upper rail screws onto. There's a barrel ring on this part too.




Inner barrels revealed.




Outer barrel off. Lots of plastic tends to scrape off the pump over time. Clean this.



Unscrew these 3 backed screws, one near the front of the shell tubes and two back where we took off that first round head screw. 6 total, 3 on each side.



Pull the rear outer barrel/front tube assembly forward and off.




You should get this pretty much after the last step.



Now to split the "gearbox" halves. Unscrew 4 total screws: 2 up front on the left near the front border of the cheekrest, one more on the left (screwdriver point), and one more on the right side.






Remove small screw holding the barrel assembly in, one on each side.




Pry the metal left side apart.




Watch out the spring/plunger for the spare shell holder on the left tube.




Remove the plastic shell lock/holder/feed assembly part.




3 main parts now off: cylinder assembly, nozzle assembly, and barrel assembly. At this point I already assembled the SAT nozzle into the stock cylinder; there's 3 very long screws holding the halves together that you just need to unscrew.




Upgrades whoo. I was changing the barrels this time so further pictures will show how to do that.








Barrel/hop assembly is very similar to previous TM trishot shotguns. Take off 2 screws holding back part in.




But this time, rear part is not one piece but 2 piece.




Slide assembly cover forward, after you've taken off the o-ring off the front of the barrels.




Slide off hopup chamber. Hopup rubbers will most likely be stuck inside there; recycle if you're reusing them.






I replaced my barrels and rubber with S&T ones, and replaced the hopup housing with a WiiTech one. I think the rubbers have some split V hop design.




WiiTech reinforced parts in. I actually had to take out half of it, since one of the parts refused to rotate when screwed all the way down, and the locking bar that extends the pump bar wasn't working well either.




To reinstall, go back in reverse steps. Shoot a reply if you have any more questions :)

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Quick question guys a new KSG totally stock what gas are you using ?

Tried doing a bit of net surfing in to it and basically every link you klick on the author recommended a different gas too the previous one I looked at !

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Well finally got to use my sons KSG and in a word ; ohmygodhowfeckingamazingisit ! used it at a single shot only CQB site and quite frankly it was made for it was getting kill after kill with it (even a couple of double kills where players were stacked together ) range was amazing as was the accuracy. Even though it was bitterly cold didn’t notice any decrease in the gas or how many shots from it and on more than one occasion there were multiple shots one after the other . So I’m very happy with it matter of fact I’m now actively looking for another !

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Did you end up using propane? If so how did it run?

Hi mate , sorry for late reply only just seen , any hoo yes I did use propane and as the bear said it was in a after market CnC tank that I bought for it . I’ve actually sourced another for my self (the other is my sons Xmas pressy so can’t really pinch it !) and this one coming also has an extra CnC tank so I thought I’d try running the TM tank to see how it holds up to propane , one mod I have done to the one we’ve already got and will be doing too the new one is make a hole in the butt pad over the filler valve on the mag as recommended on a Facebook group by a player who’d done a bit of research and had come too the conclusion that if you filled the ‘stock’ tank in-situ it went a long way to alleviating the leaking problem . Will let you know what the results are .

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Well the guy who said about filling TM gas tanks ‘in-situ’ with propane don’t know what he’s been smoking , you can’t can you the filler is on the same side as the the outlet !? So don’t know if it was a translation thing or not (English wasn’t his first language) as I’d only used the CnC one .

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Well had a rather novel experience on Sunday just gone , took my totally stock TM KSG to the Gaol (it’s an old open prison and an amazing site!) so it was a particularly hot day there and when it came time to chrono , it failed ! Was doing 335 with .25’s running on propane . I was using a SAT CnC tank as I’d read the TM ones have a habit of leaking on P . So then emptied the tank and filled with Nuprol green and it was doing 338fps . Emptied yet again bought a can of 144A and it was doing 305fps , after having a good chat to the site owner he said he’d had one of his marshals have the same happen too him , general consensus was it could be down too the tank having a higher flow valve than the standard TM tank and so releasing more pressure and so upping the FPS . Now being a total Neanderthal when it comes to gas guns , Any other thoughts guys ?

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I was editing footage from a game this past weekend, realized most of my kills were with my KSG, and figured I'd post my thoughts up here.

So, here are my thoughts on the gun, having used it a couple of times in the last few months:

-HPA isn't necessary, but it helps. I had done a bunch of experimenting to try to find what BBs hopped best on duster versus green gas with the internal upgrades I had in place, but ultimately being able to rely on a consistent input pressure via HPA tap allowed me to properly tune for range. I used a CQB Russian hose; it was a real pain to get it to stop leaking (teflon tape under the O-ring) but with that sorted it works great.

-Range out of the box is mediocre, but with just a few upgrades becomes surprisingly good. In the video I'm running SAT tightbores with the stock buckings, input pressure at about 95 PSI, and it was punting 0.28s (at ~320fps) far enough to outrange pretty much everything else on the field. I was engaging snipers without much difficulty. Annoyingly, it just slightly underhops 0.28s and significantly overhops 0.25s, so I still need to experiment.

-Most importantly: Reloading is the biggest obstacle. I installed a Laylax extended shell release, put a dummy shell in the non-feeding side of the receiver as a guide, polished the entrance to the feed tube, and put a velcro strip on the right side for a shell carrier. Combined, these dramatically speed up my reloads- and yet you can still see at the end of the video when I had to be saved by a teammate because I couldn't reload quickly enough. The main issue I find is that with ten shots, I have to reload pretty much whenever I get the chance.

The obvious solution is a magwell adapter, and I have a Salamander M4 adapter, but I'm not too impressed with how my MAG midcaps feed in it, as I get occasional two-BB shots or even dry fire towards the end of the mag. I think practice with reloading from the side saddle will make the stock shells more viable, but I'd be open to any input here.

-Six-shot mode is pretty worthless. It doesn't have any better spread than tri-shot.

Overall it's a fun gun, but that mag capacity is really a killer. I'm tempted to be That Guy and get an auto-winding drum, which coupled with the HPA tap means basically shooting non-stop forever. Maybe I can dress it up in a way that will make me not hate myself for doing it.

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