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Like the computer thread, but it has to have wheels 'n' stuff.


Got a '04 Audi A3 8P 1.9 TDI 105bhp version.

Had to replace the clutchpump, a year later the clutch and flywheel. Bummer.

Now it drives great but I noticed a 'dok dok' sound under these conditions :

- Clutch connected ( pedal not pressed)

- Speed greater than 60km/h or 40m/h

- Accelerating ( either by throttle pedal or cruise control)

So only when 3 of these conditions meet.

Anyone has an idea?

I was thinking something turning out of ballance. Like a bad ball bearing or so, but Inhear no screeching.


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What are everyone's thoughts on supermarket fuel?  I'm talking petrol if that makes a difference.  I've always used Shell or Esso but now I can get supermarket fuel for under a £1, I'm tempted.


I gather it's all the same fuel, just with difference additives.  Is there really much of a difference?

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