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KF Airsoft CNC'd Hi Capa parts by Batmause


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Hey guys,


I ordered few KF Airsoft part to build a new racegun for myself. Basically I made that decision to ordering KF parts because my budget don't let me accept the best quality parts for build my current racegun.

I spent a lot time to find a good solution between cheap and high-quality and I took a chance to get "bad quality copy" or acceptable parts.


Here is my first results with few photos, I hope it will helps you.



KF Airsoft aluminium frame for Marui Hi Capa 4.3


- I ordered it from AirsoftGoGo. They have in black and in silver color.


- The receiver came with SV logos. It is made from aluminium with black elox finish. You can check and see few machining-trace on the dust cover (curved area). The receiver seems to be really light as the other aluminium receiver.


- For this price (around 78 bucks) the quality seems to be good.


- I liked that the slide rail has wider part at the end, that is why the slide has really good join/fitment.


- It haven't markings on the receiver because KF designed it with rails - which isn't contained in the packaging, you need to buy it separatelly. The receiver has the drills to let the screw come through into the rails


- The internal finish also seems to be good. Currently I can not tested it with complete hopup unit but after 20th of December I got few complete hopup unit (WE and AIP hopup units), I'll update this thread if I tested the hopup compatibility. Basically my plan is that to buy a KF complete hopup unit because it has damn good pricetag. The KF hopup chamber is made from steel, it has 6.08 stainless steel inner barrel, copper adjuster wheel, stainless adjuster arm and some red hopup rubber - I'll use it with KM RH45 hopup rubber.


- The machining seem to be good for let the FCG come in. This receiver use the "competition-style" trigger group which is easy to take out. This manufacturer also have own FCG which contain the aluminium casing with steel internal parts.





KF Airsoft Steel & Aluminum Hammer Housing Set for Hi-capa 5.1 GBB


- First time I ordered it from AirsoftGoGo but they replaced the artical numbers with the rails. I ask them to send the right parts but I don't get any reply so I made a PayPal claim/dispute/etc. After few week wait I got back my money so ordered the right part from AsiaAirsoft and finally I got what I want - so now I get one rails as free parts, sadly.


- The casing is made from aluminium with a shinny, metal silver color. I don't like this color so I'll repaint the casing because sadly I can see it from side view if the receiver is assembled. The internal parts are made from steel, all of them. The parts seems to be a die-cast parts but they are really high-quality. The surface finish is good for me, black-matt finish whish is really thick.


- The only issues is that the added spring for the valve-locker is really weak. The other thing is that the valve-locker can't going up properly because the firing-pin has narrow cut. So replace the spring and use file or some milling tool to adjust this area.



I post few photos about the parts comming soon.

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More infos:


- Basically the internal parts won't cnc'ed but they are precision die-cast parts - or seems to be that.

- The hammer has a small deformation on the right side.

- The pins made by cnc-technology but the surface finish isn't  to long-lasting - I took that photo about them after 5-6 disassembly.

- The FCG fit in the receiver very well. It is easy to take out or place into the receiver. The joint isn't to tight and I needed to move the FCG in the receiver to let the pins come through.

- I really liked the hammer struct. They polished the surface so I leaved few fingerprint on it after the assembly. :)

- Sadly I can see the silver color of FCG on the assembled gun so I need to repaint the side of the FCG-casing.

- The joint with Marui ABS slide is really tight but it can move smoothly. I tested it with KJ and WE slides too.


Now my budget is low so I need to wait few week to get more money to finish this project. My plan is that to getting ProG4 slide (or SD Shuey Ballastic) with AIP/UAC BBU.

Between christmass and New Year I'll test it with WE slides, grip and hopup unit. I'm working on get back my last racegun build to test this receiver with AIP chamber and non-recoil outer barrel too.

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You're welcome. Currently I'm really busy but after Christmas I have more time to continue this build.


My friend ordered one FCG to his Airsoft Masterpiece racegun - he used ASM receiver, slide, chamber, everything. He set a few photo about how looks like the ASM FCG and it seem clearly similar product with black finish...

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Today I ordered few new parts to continue this project:

- KF Airsoft complete hopup chamber

- KF Airsoft grip safety
- KF Airsoft safety set

- KJW nozzle, leaf spring

- Modify TAN VSR rubber

- WE grip

- boneyard WE Hi Capa 4.3 with one mag

- boneyard WE Hi Capa 3.8 with 4 mags

- ProWin aluminium magazine (first gen) + KJ mag spring

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Hey Guys,


I got the following pars from J.K.Army:
- KF Airsoft hopup set
- KF Airsoft grip safety
- KF Airsoft thumb safety

The first impression is amazing. The price-value ratio is the best on the market, no one can do the same as KF do this - this part package totally shocked me, even I build a few racegun in my past.

KF Airsoft hopup set

I bought it for $19.96. After I assembled the chamber it fit in a WE 4.3 chassing with a lot wooble, as the stock WE chamber. I tested it with own chassing which also has a tiny wooble, so the fitting as good as on Marui stock parts or with an AIP chamber in Marui. For this price the fitting is clearly good. It is really interesting how the inner barrel fit in Marui outer barrel - in haven't wooble but it can not jamm in the outer barrel, the fitting is amazing perfect, I tested it with 4.3 outer barrel.


This package contain the following parts:

- Hopup chamber: They are black, molded fine quality  steel (!) parts. The internal finish is really smooth as the outer too. The painting is matt and black. The feeding ramp is nice, better as few other manufacturer's zamak molding (like WE or KJ). This camber has a "cutting" around the mounth of hopup rubber - cause they want to reach smoother BB loading without any jams. The chamber has drilled and threaded holes for the fixing screws. The two pieces fitted together with a bit wooble but no worst as a standard WE chamber. For this price, this chamber worth of the totally payed money.

- Adjuster wheel: Made from copper with cnc-technology. The outer finish is really shiny and fine quality. The internal cut for the spacer arm is nice. The spine has nice, strong and curved knurling on it. Another manufacturer's sell this parts for $5-9 so I'm also really satisfied.

- Inner barrel: Stainless steel 6.02, 112.4mm long inner barrel with perfect finishing. There are engraved sizes marking, there are perfect hopup window, perfect cutting and perfect end-curving. The internal finish is better as a stock WE barrel but worst as a stock TM. The polishing is nice but not totally shinny and smooth. For $20 this barrel is amazing - after the chamber I think it is a gift. And the barrel was well packed, PVC-tube with rubber endcaps and there are two rubber cap in the barrel - if somebody drop it, it can not damage, amazing!


- Spacer nub: Stainless steel material. It is really strong, not easy to bend it or deformate it.

- Screws: Steel, soft screws. One of them is totally useless, the thread isn't good.

- Hopup rubber: Thin, soft (around 45-50) red hopup rubber with standard spacer. It collect all the dirt on my table so it tacky but not special. I'll replace it with a Modify rubber.

- Hopup locker: Same as on WE chamber, there is a small part which hold the hopu chamber in the outer barrel. BUT, this parts made from steel and it fit perfectly to a standard Marui outer barrel. They drilled and threaded for the screw, just dropin as clearly everything.

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KF Airsoft thumb safety

I bought it for $9.83. They made by steel with black, matt finish. The outer finish really smooth and nice.

The two arms fit together really nice, they have (!) zero wooble and really hard to take appart them. I tested in my pistol them, I hold the left arm and I tried to test how many wooble has the right side/part, none/zero. Amazing for this price and they work really nice. Easy to switch them to safe/fire position and they blocking the KF FCG in safe position. There is only one issue which has with the locking pins. The front pin can jamm (to tight) with the receiver and that is why some times the slide catch can fall out - because the pin can not hold it properly.


Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

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KF Airsoft Grip Safety

I bought it for $11.49. It is made from steel with shinny, black finish. The outer finish is really good but this paiting is really disgusting. I hope that it will be changed to matt finish after a lot using - as my wedding-ring. :D This internal finish is really smooth and sharp.


Photos: 1, 2, 3, 4

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