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My Airgun And Airsoft Gun Collection 2016

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My Airsoft Gun and Airgun Collection At The End Of 2016

Hello Everyone, this is my end of 2016 airsoft gun ad airgun collection video, in this video i will show you all of my guns in my collection at the moment, and i will give you a nice close look at talk a little bit about each gun. I have had MANY more guns this this but over time i get rid of the guns i dont like as much or dont use, or i get rid of them to help fund new guns i want so my collection changes over the years, and will carry on doing so, which is a good thing as it means i can keep doing reviews and tests etc on new guns. :)
I am also going to start doing reviews and tests on airgun and airgun accessories too, like lasers, gun torches, red dot sights and scopes etc.



Roll on 2017 and some new guns and stuff. :)
Happy Shooting All..
ATB, Marc..

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Hello mate thank you, yeah I do love our hobby, all shooting related sport really, lol apart from hunting I'm too much of a softy to hunt, well unless it's Clay pigeons haha..

Yeah that's OK, to be honest quite a lot of forums have low users at the moment, our website umarexboysclub is the same, not much going on, even more so because of the time of year, and quite a lot of people including myself spend most the time just reading the forum, but that's OK, I still like it here, a good bunch of knowledgeable and friendly people. :)

Happy shooting. ATB Marc..

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