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Taiwan made Western Arms, broken without fired once


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Hey all, just wanted to point out this for others who's looking at one of these gbb pistols.




I bought this gun about a year ago, this is a official Western Arms gun but on the cheaper end because they are made in Taiwan.




I didn't find much info when I bought it but it felt a lot lighter than my other WA guns, really nice trademarks and other things on this but lighter, and the recoil spring felt crazy strong for such a lightweight gun.

I didn't think much of it and it's just been sitting in my collection on display, just racked the slide and disassembled it a few times, never shoot with it.

Yesterday I pulled the slide back and locked it, then released it and I could hear a cracking sound.





It had cracked where the outer barrel screws onto the chamber, I never tighten the outer barrel to hard so not sure but I believe this comes from the strong recoil spring. Kinda sad cause the gun is beautiful with lots of attention to detail, just like the ones made in Japan.


Anyone else had this happen? I guess this is one of those "you get what you pay for" deals.




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Although I have seen broken plastic chambers on WA guns, both original Magna and later SCW guns over the years; these have been few and far between.


Overtightening can cause the breakage that you have shown, but in your case given the care that you have taken and assuming the gun is standard, (not sure because of the strong spring comment) unless it was done at the factory or by a previous owner then it is probably just an annoying fluke.


WA made metal chambers are my first choice, however I ran original plastic chambers on many of my own guns for years and did not run into any issues. My SCW2/3 M1911A1 with PGC kit still has the original plastic chamber.


When fitting a replacement I would recommend putting an appropriately sized O ring on the chamber thread to ensure the barrel doesn't work itself loose. I use either an 11.1x8.3mm or 9.3x6.1mm when using WA's own metal chambers depending on outer barrel specs. PTFE tape can alternatively be used on the threads.


Best of luck :)

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Must have had 30 or 40 WA 1911 of all types over the years.  They aren’t perfect *suitcase* does happen, not seen this particular problem though.  Thats spring makes me suspicious, bet somehow it been replaced or it was faulty from factory.  I had that same gun, served me well for a year or so before I sold it on.

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The chamber is missing it's little o-ring.


So someone overtighten the barrel, broke the o-ring, then took off the o-ring, and overtighten the barrel again, shoot it couple of times with green gas and broke it


I would sell you a replacement, but you are too far from me, and the one I have is for the SV series.



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