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Brutuz from overseas


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Hi I'm Brutuz, a nickname given to me in the Amsterdam docks during the eighties when we were used typewriters and a telegraph and a fax machine was a miracle.


I started shooting airguns in the seventies and founded the Crosman airpistol forum in 2008, joined the UK Chinese airgun forum 2009 and help out as co-admin and have visited the UK to attend their annual HFT weekend a couple of times, this year will be the 5th time if I'm not mistaken.


Airsoft has been prohibited in the Netherlands for quite a while but a couple of years ago the law changed, in short, if you are member of the airsoft federation one is allowed to buy and own airsoft guns and attend skirmishes. I became a member last year and now have a couple pistols and shoot paper targets.


That's it in a nutshell, thanks for having me, hope to learn a lot here.


Oh forgot, how did I get here? I Googled "Tokyo Marui news" and this forum was the 2nd result B)


This is the first pistol I bought



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