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My wife has done it again Limcat Customs Art To match my gun


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Hi all. :)

I thought i would share this with you, I love it.
My wife has just finished another cross stitch gun art picture for me, this time a limcat custom one to match my custom built limcat hi-capa. This one is much smaller then the colt logos she did but i think i like it even more.



For those who have not seen it, here are the colt logos she did, white one for me and the black one for garry.t..



My wife is quite busy doing orders for gamers but if you want her to design and do you a gun art picture or anything really she can cross stitch any design you choose, let me know and ill speak to her..

Lol by the time im finished im going to need a bigger man cave or ill just start putting my pictures all around the house, i want a beretta one next :D

Happy shooting all.
ATB, Marc :)

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