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Another GBB Thompson? Or a WE in Palco clothing.


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So though it seems coverage of SHOT Show 2017 is pretty awful this year, I did see someone cover something actually interesting.




It seems that Palco is showing a gbb, open bolt Thompson m1a1. As far as I know, no one but WE and KWA have made any mention of one. KWA is unlikely to want distribution from Palco so that only leaves WE as the probable OEM. Unless of course another company has had one under wraps. And I think it's unlikely King Arms resurrected their Thompson in the form of an m1a1 instead of the m1928a1.


What makes me 99% sure that it is WE and not some other OEM however is the paint. While the gun is a parkerized color, the magazine is shiny black, the same kind of paint WE has been using for everything in the past few years. The faux wood also looks exactly like that used for the WE Mauser m712.


It looks to me as if there might be a licensed, trademarked version being distributed by palco with a dark matte grey color, with a blank, tradeless version in WEs usual shiny black being likely made as well.


If this is the case and WE has been working on a licensing and distribution deal with Palco, then it makes sense that they wouldn't have released new information on the Thompson over the past year. As that would likely have been part of the deal for adding Palcos name to the product.


In either case, here's hoping that we get a Gbb Thompson this year.

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So, according to my specially conspiracy-tuned senses, maybe we will have a "official" M1A1 from "that company that can't be named" and an "unofficial" version from some previously unheard of source.

That's nice, especially since the tommy from G. Company has the bolt handle on top, making it right for a M1928 conversion... :)

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