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VFC V1911 flashlight (Surefire 310R replica)


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It looks to be a regular non-railed 1911. So if it is Marui based, I would say yes. Buy the Marui version of the light, install and see how it is.

I personally own two of these lights and a real SureFire 310R, so I will come back with a full report/comparison of them. However I do not own a Socom Gear 1911, so I can't test that particular compatibility.

Looking forward to hearing how it fits on your gun.

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I have tried this.

It will fit, but takes ALOT of altering. The groove where the trigger guard goes is not deep enough and need cutting away on the torch unit quite a bit. also the sides need filing down too as its a tad too wide.

Plus the extra long slide release that comes with it has problems operating the slide. I had to have a whole new one made.

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