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Having only just recently purchased my first vfc pistol with some hesitation after having purchased their mp5 and g36, I wanted to write a small review as I hadn't found one yet.   I was having a to

So...   There are some strange differences between the black Asia Edition and gray tactical version.   I tried putting the spring guide and inner barrel assembly of my black one in my gray one. No

Can't edit but basically the EU gray VP9 has no real markings on the frame and no serial on the chamber nor slide on the right hand side.   I just asked my US buddy to go ahead and order my project

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Mweh, not a fan of the Osprey suppressors :P


Can't recall if I posted this already but if anyone (US based or intermediary) want to get the original HK parts here is the info: 



978273 Plastic Case $24.00 

217830 Mag loader $12.00 
Manual and sticker  would be no charge 
260441 small back strap $7.00 
260446 Medium back strap $5.00 
260448 Large Back strap $7.00 
260442 small left panel $5.00 
260443 Small right panel $5.00 
260445 medium left panel $5.00 
260446 medium right panel $5.00 
260449 large left panel $5.00 
260450 large right panel $5.00 
701930 Lock $5.00 
Commercial and Law Enforcement Sales (USA)
5675 Transport Boulevard
Columbus, Georgia 31907 USA
Tel: (706) 568-1906
Fax: (706) 568-9151
E-mail: cs@heckler-koch-us.com


Those SKUs are for the black back straps BTW but I decided to skip those since the Umarex/VFC VP9s already comes with a full set.


You can email them or call them and order the parts.


Also, I am a bit concerned about the Ace 1 Arms SilelcerCo threaded outer barrel as it seems the front part which has a "lip" on it (rear to front, smaller diameter to larger) seems to get caught on the front of the slide face when the slide returns to battery and I am seeing wear on both the front outer barrel hole in the slide and the back side of the barrel "lip".


Worried that when the slide goes back into battery it is hammering the front of the barrel forward which will eventually lead to failure / the front of the outer barrel shearing off...






Anyone else have the A1A SilencerCo outer barrel installed noticing this?


Thinking of maybe filing down the lip to make it a more smooth angle and repaint it but don't think that will look very good... Hrmmm...

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On mine, it almost looks like there is a crack/shear line forming right where the red line is where I marked on the barrel in the picture above. Not sure if that is how it is designed/machined or if it really is about to break off...


Worrying. I think I will sand down and make a slight taper so the front of the slide can slide over it smoother instead of just hitting it straight on.

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FYI, at least on my Crusader steel front sight, it was possible to "over tighten" the set screw so it went below (or above depending on which way you look at it) the slide.


Noticed my front sight was loose and had a look and the set screw was inside the sight and not retained in the hole in the slide at all.


Simply backed it out a bit but making sure it did not stick out into the slide marking up the outer barrel.

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If you're serious about it, it's definitely worth watching the review linked in post #54 all the way through.


You may dismiss some of his criticisms, but he gives a good description of the strange design of the striker and how it interacts with the plate (that flaps) which cocks it when racking the slide.

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I'm referring to the hunk of silvery metal referred to here as 03-21.  Much bigger than the equivalent piece on, say, Glocks.  When uncocked, the front face of 03-21 sits at an angle slightly back from perpendicular.  So when you rack the slide, the plate 01-21 (on the back of the BBU) engages first with the lowest part of the face, which is closest to its axis point.  This is why the slide has a lot of resistance in battery when you first go to rack it.  Also, when the slide is returning to battery, the plate 01-21 is spring-loaded to flap upwards to allow it to pass over 03-21 on its way back.  If memory serves, the guy explains all this in the video in #54.  Although that reviewer really doesn't like it, I'm not saying it's bad, just idiosyncratic.



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Certainly the force of the hammer spring (and its design, as again explored in that video review) has an effect.  But my point is this.  The plate behind the BBU is vertical.  The hammer does not sit vertically, but rather slightly angled back from the vertical.  Therefore, when you go to rack the slide, the part of the hammer that the plate engages with is only 1 mm or so above the pivot point of the hammer.  The basic physics of "moments" applies.  If the plate engaged with the top of the hammer (several mm higher) it would be easier to push back--this is what it feels like if you take off the slide and push on the hammer with your finger. (Imagine trying to push the hammer back by pressing on it at its base with the tip of a screwdriver.)

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Cool video, bonus points for pronouncing h&k correctly! I was going to ask about the magazines, then I got a little concerned when I read the text about it being fatter on the grey. This concerns me a little for purchase of additional magazines.


I wonder if we are going to get another limited edition model at some point with the correct trades on it for a bumped up price, and maybe it is why the change. I hate that laser etched barrel, to me it looks fugly. White etching is the main thing that annoyed me with ksc guns.


Out of interest, has anyone contacted vfc for clarification on the models and what is going on with the teademarks and why they are only available in Asia when they are not Asia versions etc??

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And just another question I thought of, do they look the same internally when stripped down? I hope they don't change the bullet shaped blow back unit, I love that, it is still my favourite little detail that you don't really see but I love that it is there. It's always in the little details for me that makes the gun a little bit extra special.

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Right, I should have showed the internals in this video of course.

That is coming up in my rebuild video.


There is no obvious visual difference but as mentioned in the annotation the gray magazine is slightly thicker and the inner barrel assembly does not seem to be interchangeable for whatever reason :o


I am pretty sure there has been some minor changes and revisions between the Euro release and the Asia Edition releases.

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Who at eHobbyAsia looked at this and said "Yes, this looks good for web publishing!" :P


In case you can't spot it I am referring to the less than straight suppressor... 


What's worse is that the gun is tilted down to the right hand side, yet the suppressor is tilting down to the left, so it's like a banana curve :o 





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