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Lancer Tactical in trouble

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So this is one for the Americans but since Lancer Tactical re-brand a lot of CYMA and GALAXY things this could have a knock on effect. Also, I did a little digging and found that Lily Chen, the LT CEO who's evading arrest, owns Airsoft Megastore too.




TL;DR: Police bust LT and their trading partner in China for producing counterfeit Revision products, one CEO of Lancer Tactical is arrested, other CEO is at large and has a warrant for her arrest.

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Looks like it's not the first time ACM companies tried attending major shows.

First, as far as I know, was the rucukus about fake Leupold Mark4 scopes, now this one.

The big name companies have a business and a reputation to protect, so going to the SHOT show or even IWA with knock-off stuff is a lot like going swimming naked in a shark-filled area...


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