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New pistol Glock 19 or Sig P320


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Hello CH/airsofters ;7)


I am considering a new handgun and have come to eighter Glock 19 or Sig P320

I have shot both with live ammo but in airsoft versions there is a few more discisions to consider


I do not care about marking and generel look

functionality over looks all the way.

I will probaly be running greeen gas og maybe redgas.

Holsters and other gimmickie does not matter.

Opportunity for a RMR reddot would be nice but not all that important.

I don't have to exchange all parts just because I can so if a part is plastic and it is g2g I will leave at that.

Mags have to avaible and so does the most important parts


Which brand within both would you recommend

What have to be done to it to make it reliable

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Are there any airsoft P320s ? :o


Glock 19s are available from KJW, KSC, WE, HK3P, VFC/Stark and KJWxGuarder custom builds etc.


For me, out of the box if you want to use it and have it look somewhat OK, WE Glock 19 and put in a TM spec inner barrel and hop up rubber. Should be a good starting point.


VFC/SA for looks. 


KJW looks pretty terrible but they are durable.


Not a big fan of KSC systems but I guess it works.


HK3P (i.e. WE with full markings) I don't think is available anymore due to Glock/Cybergun lawyers. Ask KIC.com.tw maybe.

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