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Guns Modify G17 Recoil Guide Rod

lee stephenson

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So this may be a stupid question with an obvious answer, but as I have just replaced my G17 recoil guide, I have a random spring left over, and can't work out what its for!


It came in the same packed as the smallest amount of thread lock in the world, and is the round black spring shown below:




Any help or suggestions as to where this should go, and what its for?


Thanks in advance...




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As per above that is a hammer spring for the rear trigger assembly.


Installing a stronger recoil spring is usually done when you have a heavier metal/steel slide, and when you use that you most often use stronger gas, which requires a stronger hammer spring to depress the valve and release the higher pressure gas.


So in your case it is an optional install.


You can see more specifically how it sits and works in the pistol in my video here: 




Full playlist here: 



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Sweet, thanks guys.


Its running in an Airsoft Surgeon Salient Arms slide, and is replacing the previous assembly that ate itself!


Have tried dry firing it and seems to be running fine. Is it worth swapping over? Previously the green gas mags haven't locked the slide back, but the WE CO2 mag has, so wondering if a slightly stronger hammer spring may help. Also added a 135% nozzle spring and re-enforced nozzle at the same time, so should be happier with the increased pressure.


Cheers for the help



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The way I've run all my guns prior to glocks, was the standard recoil spring, and harder hammer spring. That extra gas flow, with less slide restriction, and the force of it pushing the hammer back down, are what you feel the most when firing, and not the slide returning to battery.


I only ever suggest a change in recoil spring if the standard one only just returns the slide to battery, or if it's too slow to fire as fast as you sensibly need.


But then I like duty style pistols, and not race guns



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