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aluminum nozzle for hi-capa

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Just got the package recently. First time to use uac aluminum nozzle. Easy to install, smooth blowback with louder "bang" sound. Surprisingly after a thousand round and still looks like brand new. 


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I don't like the aluminium nozzles. I more like the plastic nozzles:

  • They are more cheaper.
  • An aluminium nozzle can cause broken hopup chamber or outer barrel - you need to replace them too.
  • After time they can break also, at the internal valve-holder


If I were you I will buy 2-3 KJ red nozzle. They are cheap and really nice thing. Basically I prefer AIP's item or other parts more.

UAC often make copies only. For example not to long time ago they copy'd GunsModify's hopup chamber or they just make copies from the stock Marui parts. They have few good products but I often don't see any advantage in their products.

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