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Where to buy original WE part for a 1911 from?

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HI all, as the title says really..


I might be buying a battered WE 1911 for another little project, it needs a new barrel bushing, new loading nozzle, a magazine release, and magazine,, the mag I can find easy enough but not the other parts, can you guys and girls point me in the right direction? To places your get yours from.


Tried my normal sources ehobbyasia and asiaairsoft but have had no luck. I don't want to buy the gun if I can't get the parts for it..


Thanks for your help.

All the best, Marc

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HI all, thanks for the replies.

Kyairsoft has been recommended on another forum to so I have saved that shop, not in no rush for the parts did look at milspecsolutions but they did not seem to list any.. Although they do sell the whole 1911 cheap at £94


But the battered 1911 I got offered for 30 posted it would make a nice project, as I want to mirror polish another gun maybe some engraving too.. But I think it could be a version 1 if it is I will pass on the gun as a lot of the version 1 and 2 parts are not compatible, and as said above with price and postage it will not work out much cheaper then just buying a new gun, bit can't afford that right now.

Another slow project would have been nice..


Thanks again for your help.

ATB, Marc.

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