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New user from Finland


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Copied from another forum:


Hello forum,


I'm from Finland and I'm looking into starting the airsoft hobby. I'm particularly interested in the milspec or historical side of airsoft and I'm seriously considering buying my first gun. I don't have any military training though.


I might buy a GBB pistol at first to practice shooting and handling/maintaining a gun and the next step would be to get a gas blowback rifle and learn to upgrade and maintain it. I'm fascinated by the techie aspect of building and maintaining a gun. There are few clubs in Finland that arrange games, but I'm hoping to get into games to try this out and see if I'm up for it.

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Hi there, welcome to Arnies!


Any questions, please don't hesitate to either search for a topic related to your query or post a new thread :)


I would suggest asking if you can attend a local game and try to rent/borrow a gun from someone - That way you can see how things work, get a feel for the game etc. Personal equipment (i.e. facemask, goggles, clothing) is just as important as the gun itself (With eye protection the most important thing you'll buy!) so try to have a think about that as well - we've got loads of picture threads in the Pictures subforum under General Discussion :)

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