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Meprolight M21 Reflex Sight Clone

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Well, you can always glue a piece of tritium next to the optic fiber  :innocent:  To be honest, it has picked my attention and will probably get one if I manage to find some information about it .


Anyway, the description states that it includes two LR44 batteries (not included), that makes me wonder if the optic fibre is actually used or it is just a gimmick while the optic uses battery power

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As a owner (and big fan) of battery-free optics, I'm 95% sure it's battery powered.


The POV pic showing the reticle screams LED, note uneven brightness across the reticle

....... and the reticle is bad :( they better just put a single circle dot or even better, triangle there



oh, the "fiber" strands looks like some sort of electric wire, not even acrylic rod




IMO it's not that difficult, check this


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But you got to add shipping. i first saw it on Tiger111 but posted the Aliexpress link because it was cheaper (for the black version, at least).

RC: Did you not make one from a Trijicon Reflex replica years ago?

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Mine arrived this morning.


- Haven't opened it up to see if it carries batteries, but most likely.


- No buttons, always on, unless you put the rubber cap on. Doesn't hold on too well, you will surely lose it while walking around.


- Auto-adjust brightness level thanks to a phootoreceptor on the front. Takes about 1 second to adjust when you go from inside a building to outside, or dark and bright room.


- Reticule (cut up circle with dot in the middle) is crisp and nice.


- Very good brightness, indoors as well as in the sun.


- Rather heavy for it's size.


- No markings.


- Finish is satin black, with a coarse "sandy" feeling to the touch.


- Comes with throw-levers.


- Kill-flash included. Does not screw all the way in but it's tight enough.


Still sitting in the office, but I'm already confident this is a good buy, both for skirmishing and decoration.

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Finally nabbed one of these (thanks Blazed99)


A very nice unit, although the always on and self adjusting is a little frustrating. The real optic is fibre and powered by a tritium vial at the end of the fibres, for an always on in low light effect.


This clone has an always on battery switch, which then adjusts. The brighter the light, the brighter the dot. But when you step inside, perhaps into the dark, it goes very dim or even off. Why people make sights that work this way baffles me. Never let it turn itself off, that’s silly.


I think the problem can be mostly over come by replacing the fake optic threads with real ones, and feed them round to in front of the light sensor. Should up it in nearly dark areas, but pitch black will still be a no no

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