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Tanaka SAA parts

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Does anyone know (or have) a stockist for Tanaka spares? My SAA is failing to fire from one chamber and it looks like the rubber grommet that holds the BB in place has a flaw in it.


Cheers in advance :-)

Most spare parts from Tanaka if not available locally need to be ordered through a dealer with the correct part number included.


Try Impulse101.JP


Send a message via Facebook to Julian supplying details of what you need...



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I have a detachable cylinder version that keeps going out of alignment, do you know if i can modify the detachable cylinder version and make it into the conventional nondetach version?


There's a good chance it's not fitting in properly. It's possible to fit the cylinder in, drop in the spring loaded retainer and have the gun cycle and 'fire' but nothing will come out of the barrel. Take it out, check that the retaining pin is going all the way through the frame and them re-seat the cylinder. It's a really tricky job but turn the cylinder gently whilst inserting the pin and eventually it will go all the way in. Then the cylinder is properly seated.


Once you've done this, there's no need to ever remove it again - you can gas it via the loading port and pop the BBs in at the front.

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Sorry for the late delay, ive tried it but the cyclinder still comes off alignment in the rear. The cylinder doesnt turn, when cocked unless i fiddle with it and can physically hear it click back into place. Does that mean i have to but anoher donor gun or can i buy a rear plate or something? Thanks in advance.

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