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Up-grading a HFC G17 for a "fun project".


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So as my son going through his kit, he found a box with his old back-up pistol ,that I gave him maybe 10 years ago. It's a HFC G17 of which I have a couple, but this is in superb condition. He uses a KJW Hi-Cappa now, so he gave it back to me.


Took it out to the yard and got nearly 48 shots out of it. Not really a surprise as I never had one that didnt shoot well. I've never had one fail. So I got to thinking about having some fun with it.


As the pistol is based on the Tokyo Marui G26 internals, I was thinking of up grading the pistols internals, trigger and maybe the sights, but probably leaving everything else stock. I would be using Guarder G26 parts as I have done on my KJW G19 and G23 builds.


I dont believe a slide and barrel group for a G17 Will work on this and I'm not sure if the Guarder "inner frame rail" would fit if I tried it.


Any thoughts on this?


Remember it's just for fun. 



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