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KJW Hi-Cappa magazine release issue


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Working on my sons KJW Hi-Cappa and noticed that the magazine release will drop the magazine with even a light touch.


I removed the piece and the spring is pretty strong and there is no deformation of the part where it connects with the notch in the magazine. I am wondering if the paint in the magazine notch is too thick for the magazine release to get a really positive "grip" on the magazine.


Magazines are standard KJW Hi-Cappa magazines and otherwise work just fine.


Any ideas? 

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There's not a whole lot of material that actually engages on 1911 mags in the first place. I've seen cases where paint on the mag has accumulated on the inside corner of the notch so the catch is never fully seated as well as catches that don't go in as far as they should because of the small block on the side that butts against the inside of the frame.

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