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WTS Tippman M4 with whole bunch of love done to it.

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For sale I've got a Tippman M4 that was pimped from the inside and on the outside.


Madbull Noveske KX3 Amplifier,

Madbull Vtac 13'' rails,

Real steel Stark front grip,

Real steel MFT Battlelink Minimalistic stock.



Prometheus 6,03 precision barrel,

hop up bucking (either G&G or Systema, I can't actually remember that),

Incentive design hop up,

Incendive design plastic bolt.


The upper receiver cracked on a pin tab and switched by Tippman, will include the cracked one, maybe you will do a separate zippmann build off that. Will also include all parts that were originally there, so you can restore the gun to a stock condition if you will.

Set also include an airline and a hpa tank (not in the pictures, need pics, drop me a line). There should be a second airtank somewhere around the house, if there will be a determined buyer I find it I will include it. Also included will be some chineese MS3 belt knockoff+some (5-6?) beta project Magpul midcaps.


Gun saw little use, as due to severe injury I suffered I was to quit airsoft almost a year ago. It's time to get these money invested somewhere else, as doctors give me little chance for full recovery. Due to a long period of just being locked up in a closet gun will need relubing and maybe some tinkering. Also the front guard needs to be tightened and threalocking, probably got a bit loose from the recoil.


I am not trading (see above why). Would like to get 745EUR+PayPal fees for that, but I am  open for negotiations, as I need to get this gone.

Shipping via UPS would be approx 60EUR (insurance up to full value), as I will have to get this split in two packages (tank/s to be shipped separately). Tank/s will be shipped depressurised as UPS does not allow to ship pressurised tanks. Shipping will be from Poland, EU and will be shipped anywhere, where airsoft is legal by law.




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