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Need Help ID-ing a part!

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I'm working on an "The Expanse" based armor. For the rifle,

I'd like to use the UN/Star Helix Rifle as a base for my primary,





but I can't figure out what the thing under the barrel is. It's thinner that the G36-K handguard and has some sort of meat tenderizer at the front...

here are some more pics:





Any ideas?

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Yep. Basic G36K, with a SL8 stock, and some greeblie on the bottom of the handguard.

I would find out of a Madbull XM sized GL fits in there... :)

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Looks like a custom piece. Sheet metal bent to the same general shape as the handguard, punched with holes and flipped upside down.

Yeah; punch some holes into a sheet and give it a couple bends. Or find some sort of slat wall with the holes precut and re-purpose.


What it's wrapped around seems to be like a leg from a desk or shelving unit with a rubber foot giving it the look of a meat tenderizer. From watching interviews it seems like those props get chucked around a lot and as a result they're overbuilt to survive the filming.

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