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So I have been wanting to do this for a few months, but never really stopped to actually write it up, that and I am never really good at doing reviews.  But I have eagerly awaited this gun for a year, used it (and I will start by calling it Version 1), and give as much feed back as possible.  I have also created a YouTube account to try and record videos to try and share what I can of what it can do.  Sorry for the major lack of pictures, didnt really take any.

So, heres what I have so far while I wait for the upgraded gun to return.

Externally the rifle has a nice feel to it and doesnt appear to really scratch at all.  All of the metal parts appear to be a strong metal and I cant really see any of it actually breaking or getting damaged.  Also what kind of metal, I have no idea.  The outer barrel though is a different color and appears to be a stronger material as it is as heavy as the lower receiver with the gearbox, buffer tube and stuff in it.  The plastic parts, well, it seems to be the cheapest plastic around as seems are visible and flexes pretty good, but to me it doesnt matter.  I swapped out the handguards and stock for an RIS and crane stock so its much more comfortable for me and my needs.  Also the M4 buffer tube and front end is mil spec so all aftermarket real steel rifle accessories should fit.  Each rifle is also individually numbered and in the picture I post I currently own number 36 of the 300.  The magazines feel amazing.  They dont feel like real ones cause the texture is rough, but they are very solid build and I cant see them getting dented.  They do scrap easy after a bit of inserting and removing them, but personally I like that worn look.  

Cant say anything about the gearbox part as I cant open it or I will void the warranty, that and it seems intimidating to the point that I will most likely screw something up in it hehe.  The hopup though, as others and LordGBLS stated, is a WA hopup.  The buckings they supplied is a red silicon RA-Tech bucking with the two flaps inside of it.  The inner barrel, I dont know who makes it or what the inner diameter is.  Possibly a 6.01 I am guessing.  The hopup is also a metal hopup unit and firmly clicks into position and for me personally it works great.

Functionally the rifle, at first, gave me weird FPS and bb drop problems, but was remedied after I sent it in for repair.  Later on that.  After repairs it functioned great.  With .25's on semi I was getting an average of 330 FPS and on full auto I believe it was around 320 with I think it was 15 RPS.  

Recoil was there, but felt along the lines of my KWA ERG.  It felt simulated, but it was still there and fun to use, especially in full auto.

The bolt locked back every round after the magazines where emptied.  Something I loved about the bolt is that when you closed it, man, it sounds amazing.  I dont know what it is made of though.  It feels like its plastic, but you can tell it is not.  It does feel solid though and it appears you can remove the stock spring for another one, but GBLS recommends not doing that as it could mess with the MOSFET.  I do not plan on doing that as stated before, I dont want to loose my warranty.  They are working on a 400 FPS bolt that I may look into in the future, but for now the one that it came with is ok for me.  

All of the magazines that I received, and purchased, feed flawlessly.  Except for one.  One for some reason would not feed the last 3-5 bb's after a few uses, but GBLS just replaced that magazine with a new one free of charge and included it with the other magazines I purchased.  Also the magazines should hold a max of 60 bb's each, but I personally only put in 30.  Loading them is slightly tricky to start it to make it easy to load.  On the back of the magazine there is a little lever that you will need to push down, the lever engages the bolt stop.  Once you load the first bb you can release pressure on that lever and load it normally.  You will need a pistol loader to make it easier to load them though and you will need to load it from the front of the feed lip, not the top.  

Ok, for the fun part of the review.  Describing how it worked prior to sending it in for upgrades.  This is sort of a two part and I will included extra info and describe what occured the best that I can.

Part one:  At first the rifle would perform meh.  On semi it would work with my .25's shooting the normal 330 average.  Full auto it would drop between 280 to 300 FPS if I remember correctly.  Why, I dont know.  Distance and accuracy was good, when it worked.  I could get around 120 ft average I think it was when it worked correctly.  For some reason on semi shooting conservatively it would get the good distance shots.  But when you burst in full auto or start shooting fast in semi auto the FPS would drop and distance would also drop.  GBLS stated that was due to oil being on the bucking.  I never did get a chance to test if it was that as later that night, while at work, I started messing with it in the garage at my job site.  My battery started smoking while I was shooting it in my trunk.  My battery started smoking and I had to remove it in fear of it going up in flames.  Prior to the battery smoking the bolt moved and stopped mid cycle and closed fully after I removed the battery.  After I got home and tried another battery the gun would not cycle correctly and stop mid cycle, then just basically stopped.  This was a user error I found out after I sent it to GBLS for repairs and had to have around 8 parts in the trigger replaced.  Heres why it occured and to remady it.  As in my case the bolt was stopped mid cycle.  When this happens the MOSFET does not know that the bolt was stopped mid cycle when the battery is disconnected and thinks it is in the correct position.  When you plug in the battery it attempted to cycle thinking it was at the correct position, and instead cycled and damaged internal parts from stress and forcing parts to move while it was in an incorrect position.  To correct this, if the bolt is stopped mid cycle just pull the charging handle back fully and release to complete the cycle to reset it.  That is suppose to resolve it.  I have not tested it since I have not ran across that issue again thankfully.  

Part two: After receiving the rifle back from repairs GBLS did some magic to the bolt, hopup or something.  I dont know what, but the FPS was stable and range was stable, even in full auto both where stable.  They also installed the lighter trigger pull early (thankfully) and made operating the rifle oh sooooooo much easier and more comfortable.  Performance was great for the time I used it on one game.  Ran it with an incorrect battery, was using at 7.4 I believe on accident, and ran great for about 30 minutes before it started dieing and was able to get about 30 mags through it.  Everything ran great, got some kills with it and range was still solid 120 ft about.  Spread started occurring around 100ft, but was only around 4in I estimate.  I could probably get more range out of it but the engagement distance was not that far and I didnt mess with the hopup that much.  

That was the last time I used the rifle prior to sending it in for upgrading as life keeps getting in the way for me to go out and play.  Turning into a chairsofter now and days.  

Currently as of this review, 7-2-2017, it is still with GBLS awaiting upgrading.  Last I spoke to LordGBLS I was informed that the hopup parts they wished to install was not performing the way they wanted it to and delayed installing anything.  So they purchased a new refined batch and will install it and do more testing prior to sending them out.  

Right now I am eagerly awaiting the return of the rifle since I have two fancy new batterys for it that are the correct ones, 11.1, and higher mah's then the other two that I got.  I just hope I can get it to a game and use it all 6 hours that they usually last.  I will update this in the future the best I can and I will try my hardest to take more pictures and video of it to show off this system.  I cant say for sure that it will be the next best thing, but right now I am loving it as I feel it is a perfect match between a GBBR and AEG.  If you have any questions post them and I will attempt to answer them the best that I can.



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The repairs where complete and back to me in about 10 days. But it has been with them for about a month and a half for the upgraded parts I think. After the first repairs back in February I think it was, the gun worked great though and I was hesitant to return it for the other parts as I wanted to keep using it hah

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So, something that is long over due in my opinion.  I wanted to update this review with information on my DAS rifle that was returned to me about three weeks to a month ago from DAS.  I would have liked to do more of a faster update, but life keeps getting in the way.  So, any ways.  On to the review!  Mass production, I still do not know when it will be out, just to get that out of the way, but they will let me know to my understanding when it does come out.  

So, DAS has installed a new hop up unit that they state is their own proprietary unit. 

post-37771-0-34626800-1506215986_thumb.j  post-37771-0-06656000-1506216091_thumb.j  post-37771-0-95880600-1506215970_thumb.j   post-37771-0-46163000-1506215981_thumb.j

To my understanding the unit, in stock form, is using a GHK bucking and the barrel is a KN barrel, what the bore is I dont know.  I keep forgetting to ask DAS what it is to be honest.  Ill update the information once I get it.  If these two items will be part of the full production, I do not know.  Looking at the Hop up unit though it looks like a GHK style GBBR unit that I have seen after just researching GHK's hop up bucking out of curiosity.  Their old hop up actually looks like GHK's unit and, for me when using the GBBR stock barrel that was supplied with the rifle, I had good results with it. Sorry, I do not have any photos of what the V1 of the DAS hop up looks like though.  Now, I did not shoot the rifle with the new AEG stock barrel and bucking.  Instead I went two different routes, and had to go with the second one cause I thought what the hell.  I paid x amount for it, why not get the best I can basically for the barrel and bucking.  That and the barrel I wanted to use did not work with it due to the design of the barrel.  

I currently have a Prometheus AEG barrel with a r-hop installed by Umbrella, Prometheus flat bucking (I think that is what the technical wording is) and a Prometheus flat hop nub.  I did use it in a night game and I was shooting really accurately with it to about 80 ft I would estimate.  Due to it being so dark though and my flashlight that I was using wasnt giving me the best lighting for range though, but the hopup unit seems to work.  (please not that the pictures are of my first time messing with the new hop up and I was using a 10 year old tight bore barrel and is not the stock barrel)  Currently I am having very minor issues with trying to adjust the hop up as I believe the allen key is stripped.  I cannot at this time give it more up, but I was able to decrease hop.  And I think it worked better that way for my current setup. I will try and install the stock items back into the rifle some time this week and do a video shooting test of it, but I will note this as it is very interesting to me and I believe it might be due to barrel suck (I feel like I believe in it now) and not something to do with the system itself.  Stock barrel is suppose to give me about 350 FPS average on full auto and semi on .20's  When I tested my new setup I was getting 372 FPS average on semi (nice...) but 330 FPS average on full auto/burst shots.  The rifle does cycle fast though which is really nice.  I dont know what the RPS is though, never looked into it but will post if any one really wants to know.  Currently been using a Matrix 2000mah 11.1 lipo battery, if that really matters.  DAS also supplied an allen key, 1.5 mm, for adjusting the hopup and it is done by inserting it to the bottom of the hop up inside of the chamber.  There is a small slot for it to fit inside to assist with changing it. 



Something nice is that they made their own magazine feed tool that works on the mags, and on my pistol mags.  Thought this was a cool little touch myself.  Regular pistol speed loader adapters also work on the magazines.



Something that is still fun, but gets annoying to a very small degree, is the recoil.  Recoil is a blast still and reloading is a blast when the mags are empty.  The very small annoying thing is I had to tape my Hurricane EoTech battery lever down as the recoil kept making the lever pop up and cut the power to it.  That and my PEQ box, I have to keep tightening the screw.  Thinking of lock tightening it since I like using it on this rifle, but then I might want to toss it onto my RM4...  Off track, sorry... 

post-37771-0-46436600-1506215960_thumb.j  post-37771-0-09433600-1506215965_thumb.j

It is not all pros and bells and whistles, I still do have some minor gripes with it.  Biggest is the wiring.  It is alot of wiring, but the part that I do not like most about the rifle is the wiring is thick (makes sense due to what the rifle does), and stiff.  It makes trying to work the wiring into my full stock really hard and at one point the positive cable actually broke off of the mosfet.  I was given permission to do a soldering job on it by DAS and was able to repair it before Copperhead 3, but still didnt go as I cant solder the wiring on deans worth a dang and never got my other new batterys in before the event to convert them.  Other minor gripe that you get used to it though, is the trigger pull.  It is still stiff, I dont know what the pounds are per pull, but it does get tiring on the finger in semi though if you try laying supressive fire, but you get used to it and is easy to use after while.  It is alot better than the stock trigger though.  Last one is the mico/mini deans connector.  It makes sense for what the application is, to save as much space as possible for the batterys, but yes.  It is a small pain to have the connector.  You can just make an adapter or just buy the batterys separate for the rifle like I did as I still use the old nihm batterys for basically all of my guns.  Oldie but goldies I guess you can say.  

Other than all of the small cons I still love this rifle.  I have currently put approximately 3000+ rounds through it and counting.  This is between games and plinking at home.  I still have people having a hard time wrapping their heads around the idea of a GBBR/AEG hybrid when they look at it at local games, but they love it.  Doing reloads while being under fire, recoil, being able to use it during winter, awesome.  DAS has also been very awesome with tech support, questions that I may have and just general information period.  

I really do hope for the best for DAS as this is a great system for any one who, like me, loves the milsim scene and it could be the future of airsoft.  You never know.  In closing, it is an expensive rifle and yes, you are paying for a super expensive beta basically and yes, I see this everywhere.  You could buy 2-3 real AR15's for the price of this one.  But to be able to try and improve airsoft from where it currently is, I feel more than happy with my purchase.  Also if any one reading this does own one I would love to hear your own personal impressions, pros, cons, pictures, just whatever you feel like throwing out there.  DAS does read these and is looking for community feed back to improve their system to make it better.  Thanks for reading this and if there are any questions I will be more than happy to answer them the best that I can.










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Glad I could be of service. Don't know what I did but my FPS dropped. I had to tear down the rifle to the hop system to lower my hop up cause my Allen key stripped. I also cut down the blue flat nub to fit better, lost it in my junk pile of an office and placed the other harder black nub in and it went back down to wat it is suppose to be. Really weird. But works great still hehe. Also I do not believe the hop screw is 1.5 mm as my own personal Allen key slips when I try and use it. A 1/16 Allen key fits perfectly though.

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That hop up unit looks to be a Prime WA to AEG conversion unit that's had the outside machined down a bit.

Still very disappointing to see how this is performing poorly and breaking down so often. The huge inconsistency in full auto is also pretty inexcusable.

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That hop up unit looks to be a Prime WA to AEG conversion unit that's had the outside machined down a bit.


Still very disappointing to see how this is performing poorly and breaking down so often. The huge inconsistency in full auto is also pretty inexcusable.

If its the same hop up that I purchased a few months ago to convert it to use AEG barrels, then it is different.  It seems more along the lines of a GHK hop up that I cannot remember the name of right now.  But I never physically held a GHK or seen the hop up so its just my speculation though.  It does adjust really well though. I wish I could attach one more picture file but I cant, and Photobucket has too much ads and wont work for me on FireFox to show it, but the nub is a metal cylinder.  Never mentioned that. 


The FPS inconstancy is weird to me, but I am wondering if its maybe due to the longer barrel I installed.  I never did check out the stock parts that where supplied to me after getting it back.  Accuracy wise though with the setup I currently has is spot on.  I just need to dial down the hop up better though as my shots keep flying up to much still, but just havnt had the chance to actually get out and do it.  Family stuff like always.  Also I only had two actual break downs that basically crippled the system.  The trigger issue and the wiring breaking off the mosfet.  I am chalking the wiring issue to the stock I had on it previously as I had the wiring bent all different ways and probably didnt help.  Other than that it is performing great right now and with my Matrix 11.1 2000 mah battery, I havnt charged it after putting about 300-350 rounds through it.  Dont know if that really means much in lipo batteries or not though as I am still learning more about them. 


I will be hosting a game next week Saturday and am going to see if a buddy will let me hook up his GoPro to my head and gun so I can run around and try to get some game footage.  Then let him edit it though as I have no idea how to do that stuff.  Hopefully I can get it going and share something other than Brain Exploders video.  I still feel he did something wrong with his rifle as I spoke to a few other people here and there on the timmy net and they dont have those issues. 

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Thought I would throw this in here. I somewhat talked to a few people over the Timmy net on YouTube comments and a lot of accuracy problems appear to be coming from bio bb’s. The system doesn’t really like them or just basically soft bb’s. GBLS commented to me in an email at one point about the bb’s and said yes, soft bb’s can be used but they will always recommend hard bb’s. Basically treat the system like a GBBR and it will work fine. So far a brand called ATM bios work well and I tried some Valken bb’s while plinking and they work decent, but I get better results with the other bb’s I use that are had and non bio. I have some really old Biovall .3’s that I am going to try and see if they hold up. Used them in my GBBR in the past with no problems.

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If it wrecks soft BB's, it'll make hard BB's inaccurate as well. Almost all BB's have a finely tuned (or in some cases, not fine) wax surface on them that's part of how the BB performs.


I have been using AMP Tactical bb's in the system, both .25 and .28's, and have had no real problems.  .28's are my go to bb now due to the weight and better accuracy.  I am getting out to 200 ft right now with a spread around 150, 170 that gets shotgunned out.  Its an estimate using Google Maps.  Not the best I know but its all I got hehe. 


DAS is sending me a new nozzle to try out, a plastic one, that should help with the accuracy to my understanding.  They have two new types out right now, plastic and aluminum, and then mine and probably other limited edition users, steel.  The aluminum one should be used with .25's on up and the plastic nozzle with .2's according to their Facebook page.  Ill throw in an update when I get those parts installed and check them out. 


Also for the bio bb's.  I used some old BioVal bb's from around 5 years ago, .30's, and had no problem during a game last week Sunday.  No idea what my FPS was.  Also my FPS has stabilized with my personal bucking setup, an Umbrella Armories r-hop I think it is, with both Prometheus flat bucking and nub.  Its around 300 FPS on semi and around 290 I think on full auto using .28's.  With .2's its around 350 on semi and 245 on full auto.  Ill try and get out this weekend with all stock parts and tinker with it as I should have the new nozzles by tomorrow as I also want to try and help BrainExploder figure out why his hop just died all of a sudden in his game play video.  Thats a problem that I had when I first got it back in January of last year, but was remedied by DAS when I sent it back for the trigger repair. 


So, till then. 

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