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PTT for Comtac Peltor XP's


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Ok, had some comms issues today, annoyingly. Would love some advice.


I have a pair of Comtac Peltor XP, a mic, a Z-Tac PTT (powered by a CR123 battery so I assume amplified) and a Motorola 1 pin PMR.


Last skirmish, all worked flawlessly, between three of us, for three plus hours.


Today, I could hear my teammate everytime but transmissions were sporadically heard when I made them. The radios had new batteries. The PTT had a new battery.


I am assuming the PTT is the weak part of the comms link. So what is the ideal PTT I need for my radio/headset/mic please for short range (<1km) airsoft use?



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Not sure about Comtac XP, but most of the times the microphones on real deal headsets don't mix well with "civilian" radios (PMR, Talkabout, etc. ) due to impedance issue. If that's the case the hearing end would barely hear what you say unless he maxed out the volume, easy fix is getting a replica Comtac mic from Z-Tac or preferably TRI.


I'm also surprised how a Z-Tac PTT worked on a real deal headset, the last time I checked only the ground and speaker (what you hear from) is correct out of 4 pins.

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