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Hey boys and girls.


Guess this would fall into the gas category? Seeing as its gas that propels the bbs rather than electricity...

I recently bought this little beast from CWI having followed its development since it's initial announcement.


The Classic Army M132 Microgun!




As I explain in my video review, I've always wanted a Minigun but like many players I couldn't afford one.

CA have stepped up to the plate with a far more affordable and accessible option.

Their new Microgun is the Diet Coke of Miniguns. It's largely constructed from polymer materials and is two barrels short of the 6 barrelled M134.


The Microgun arrives in a short but chunky box and its furniture requires assembling to get it ready to shoot. The manual features useful diagrams with clear instructions and only a couple of minor chinglish spelling errors.







Once it's all bolted together I was surprised how well built the gun is, and despite its polymer shell its fantastically solid and best of all, light!




If you've seen the factory released videos you will probably know that it can accept two forms of gas, HPA and your typical Green Gas cans. The Microgun takes Lipo batteries on the compartment to the right.

CA have put some thought into the internal magazine by housing the ammo within the chamber at the centre of the 4 barrels. This makes the gun feed more efficiently than the older M134. The M132 features a spring and follower attached to the end cap, that allows the Microgun to feed bbs in any orientation.


Shooting this minigun is about as much fun as you'd expect it to be. Pulling the trigger torques the gun towards the left and roars into life. The gas discharge can be seen chasing each bb that leaves the barrels and the stream is almost overwhelming. This Minigun shoots very smoothly with an grin inducing whirl.


The stock rate of fire with an average 11v lipo is 28rds per second. Some high ROF aegs can get to that speed but no where near as impressive to watch ;-)

Despite its rotary firing system, the ammo consumption remains minimal. It's 2200rd internal magazine lasts surprisingly long, which is just as well. Reloading isn't the fastest manoeuvre to pull off.


Compared to my TM M4A1 MWS GBBR





As the Microgun has 4 individual hop ups, one could adjust for the appropriate weight of bbs he or she decides to use. With .20's it can ping a man sized target multiple times at 50m, and as this is a UK/Japanese version Microgun, it does so at 1j. The spread of bbs at that range is roughly 1.5m, no doubt that with heavier bbs it will reduce, but then it starts getting even more expensive when heavy bbs are used ;-P



The downsides to this Microgun has to be when it is used with green gas cans. For some reason I thought that maybe it would deal with cool down well due to it being somewhat of a NBB system.


I was so wrong lol.

After a few hundred bbs fired it will develop cold spots on the body and can even be felt on the grip. Then it will stop feeding rounds effectively. In GBB pistols and rifles, one would just swap out magazines and continue firing. The Microgun is not as lucky.


Note icing:



When you first install a compatible gas can, (slim profile and with the screw threads at the base) the gas will flow through the lines and backup within the gun. So with continued firing the gun will eventually cooldown much like any other gas gun. Likewise with the removal of a green gas can, residual gas will still be left in the system.




I get a slight hiss of gas leakage from the front of the GG compartment connector.



Also I've found that it will NOT empty its 2200rd capacity on 1 can of green gas. HPA is the best method for gaming.




One other issue I had was with the trigger. It would tend to stick and this would forbid the grip safety from engaging. I would have to physically pull it out.

There was a couple of instances where it would continue to fire when I had come off the trigger. Another M132 user on YouTube told me to loosen the grip screws near the trigger and this would solve the issue.

That worked a treat and merely over tightening from the factory.





Other than those points the CA M132 is intense fun.



It's a goddamn minigun!

Cheap. Compared to the all steel M134 anyway

Lightweight. Lighter than most LMG's you'll find

Easy to operate and hold

Fairly spacious on board battery compartment

Adjustable Hop Up

AEG spec inner barrels and hop up buckings

Versatile due to its methods of gas

Spring fed ammo reservoir

and it's freaking minigun!



Cooldown issues with green gas

Somewhat awkward to reload bbs

Lack of sling attachment points



I'm more of a GBBR kind of guy but I made a promise to the boy within me that he would have a minigun one day. £600 later and he was psyched to finally own one.

I'd rather have one of these than it's larger, heavier M134 brother.


GoPro streaming to a set of Recon Jet smart HUD Glasses is totally bada$$



Hope you guys have found this interesting. You can check out the full review below:




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So as there doesn't seem to be any owners threads for this little baby, is it worth using this one?


Recently bought one second hand, and yesterday was my first outing with out. Running it on HPA, and have found it battles to hit a measured 20m, even with the input pressure turned up to near max (running at 110 PSI, and manual stated max input of 120 PSI)


Setting the hop rubbers on this is "interesting". Found that on mine, it didn't seem to hop .25s, and I got better range with 0.2s (first time ever I've had this!). I tried the following methods to set the hops after I ran tape around the barrels to keep track of which is which.


- With battery disconnected, adjust hop 1, manually rotate round until it gets just to the firing position, and then see where the BB goes as the barrel rotates. This chews through the air, and is still difficult to get an idea of the trajectory. At least this seems the best way to chrono!


- With battery connected, back off all the hops to minimum, start working on Hop 1 and watch to see if hopefully one of the four BBs has a different trajectory. Once set, repeat with next hope until complete.  This seemed sensible, but didn't really get me anywhere more than luck would have! I also couldn't see one trajectory getting noticeably better or worse than the others.


- As a third option, I just eye balled the depth of the hop screws, and got them all about even. This at least set the individual trajectories to be relatively similar paths, but still didn't give me much range or seem to affect anything noticeably.


Based on the above, I would almost guess that the current rubbers are not really doing much!


As I got this second hand, I want to give all the barrels a good clean, as I don't know what state they are in. Hopefully this may improve things, but not holding out much hope. If this doesn't help, then it may be a case of swapping out the hope rubbers for something better ( previously have used Madbull Blues to good effect). If that doesn't help, I feel I may be at the edge of an expensive and time consuming rabbit hole!


Anyone else running one of these? I know that Bada Bing sold his, so wondering if I am the only person who wants to persevere and getting this up and running well!


Later daze



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