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M1 81mm Mortar


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Spur of the moment build for History Con (Aug10-13), our WW2 reenactment group will be doing Bataan so I figured to make a mortar because the machine gun nest is getting old. I'm not sure if we'll even be able to fire it in the script but I'm stuffing a pneumatic cannon inside for when we do airsoft games.


Philippine Scouts/Army manning an M1



barrel clamp parts








test fit on the main tube



figuring out bipod leg dimensions



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That is the live fire version though I haven't tried shooting the engine while inside just yet. I'm pretty sure it's gonna be fine but there's always an off chance I get maimed. Air tank and barrel is around 2.5x that of the panzerfaust I made recently. That one does a 300bb payload at around 200fps so I'm guessing this one will be able to do the same with 750bbs. For the History Con event though I'll only be shooting flour.

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It's just a glorified potato gun really. Range isn't all that great since I pack the bbs loose. Some wadding helps a bit but the bbs will lose a lot of energy individually vs a solid projectile. I can't launch the bbs in some kind of frangible container either (which will splatter on impact) because the net energy of a solid projectile can be dangerous if they hit an unlucky person.

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My friend made a air powered rocket launcher style potato gun and he had the same concerns as you about the projectile causing injury so he used to use styrofoam cups taped together and cross cut in the front so that the projectile flew for a little while intact and then came opened up in the front mid air. They were 1/3 filled with bbs and cotton or something to take up some space.if i recall.


It worked pretty well, maybe that might be an option for you.

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