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Made My Scar L Suppressor Look Awesome Again :)

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Hi all, just over a week ago i finally got round to restoring My scar L suppressor, i took the camo paint off the suppressor tube but left it on the QD fitting, i think it looks awesome like this and really suits the rifle..

The top section on the picture was how it looked before and bottom is how it looks now. :)


Here are some progress pictures.. I used Dail paint remover to remove the camo paint then i used some RS silicone Oil to bring back the nice black finish on the suppressor tube..





Im liking how this looks now, it really suits the tan and black finish look i have gone for on my custom Scar L..


Got a few things on my list to do, like a few reviews and a prize giveaway video but hopefully in a week or so i can do a little bit more to the scar like changing and test a few new hop up rubbers and correcting the POI. Cant wait.  :D

Happy Shooting All...
ATB, Marc..

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