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FC1 Red Dot


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Looks like "normal" reflex to me.

Hard to say. In some of the shots you can see some kind of reflective thing going on all over the sides much like the original and you wouldn't need that if it uses the conventional red dot projection method. Then again they could have just put in those surfaces for a prism looking effect only. At any rate, it's only $53 shipped.


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By the way. Whomever is making these, big props for the deluxe cases and full markings and all that. I got my 2016 version ACM RMR from BoomArms and I really liked it overall. Of course being me I haven't actually used it for anything other than looks, but still :D


RS FC1 product page if anyone is interested: http://diopticalusa.com/?page_id=1219

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Cant really tell if its a prism or a good replica. The dot is projected from the side and is quite different from the other sights that i have (MRO, T-1, T-2, RMR, Eotech)

Could easily be a cube prism. The dot is very crisp and like the RS the blooming is visible on the high brightness... 

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Finally got this sucker after sitting around in customs for well over three months! :D

Just a quick overview for now:

-does indeed look to be prismatic in function. It's just a giant segmented block of glass inside with coatings to act as filters

-will be using it in low setting but came with only one screw for the high mount! Do not use high mount with only one screw on especially on a GBBR

-mounting screw was assembled skewed at the factory. had to hit it with a hammer to sit properly

-glass and electronics appear to have survived being jarred by hammer

-parallax correction is very good BUT dot brightness varies depending where on the glass it sits probably due to imperfections in the coatings


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Just to add:

-can be zeroed having plenty of room for adjustment, but have not shot it to see if it holds

-since the prism thing is real, it also works against astigmatism like the real one. I have a bit of astigmatism so any conventional red dot I see has a loop on the upper left corner of the dot making it look like a frying pan. On  this it's a clean, crisp dot. Says 2moa on the manual but comparing it to my PK-01V with 1.5moa it really looks more like 3-4moa.

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