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WTS: A whole bunch of things (Cheap & expensive stuff, SHERIFF SPAS, Custom WA, weird stuff)

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Hello friends! Looking to sell from my apartment in St Louis. Will ship anywhere in the world it is legal to. I accept payment with Paypal, but I am sometimes slow to ship hehe. 


All prices are OBO, if you have any questions please let me know. Seriously, OBO. I want most of this stuff gone, so make me an offer.


I generally have a few mags/accessories for each gun, so please ask when you are interested :)


If something in picture is not listed, assume sold :)




Sheriff SPAS

- 1/50 in the world, HPA, besides the body everything that should be metal is. Full size so bigger and better than the TM. Feel sad selling it tbh :(((




- Newest gen, nice aluminum body with really nifty EFCS internals (Like amoeba series). IT's a good gun believe it or not. Has 14.5" (M4A1) length outer barrel with an M16 handguard for some reason.



Tokyo Marui MC51

Looks like MP5, is actually G3 in disguise! Is a store display model, so it's a little beat up but works great!




$75 SPF




Cyma/JG hybrid krink

  • JG Krinkov front on a broken Cyma 040C receiver. Stock JBwelded in position due to crack.. Front pin doesn't go in all the way. Has supposedly a nice gearbox in it? Has hop up unit, no bucking nor barrel.

Silverback Bizon

  • Wow nice silverback steel bizon body with 2 mags and everything you need besides internals...and the front magazine pin hehe. Might find some epoxy residue from when I built a PP-19-01 Shityaz a few years back.

Electrical issue replica Kobra sight

  • Was working fine, then stopped turning on. Will throw in with either boneyard AK.

Bizon and krink would make a cool package together ;)

$75 plus shipping for both? OBO OBO OBO



Madbull VTAC rail

  • Don't know if it has everything needed to mount it. Used not abused, but I never touched it rip

$50 shipped?



I will be adding more items as replies as I dig stuff up. 








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Custom R-type WA DELTA ELITE

  • Super rad, one of my favorite handguns but makes no sense to hold onto it. Found on Yahoo auctions. Plastic frame, metal rail, completely custom CNC aluminum slide. It's really cool with modern tactical cuts and a high quality machine job. I have only found magazine but I believe I have two more.

$600 OBO


ASG/Marushin shell ejecting CZ75

  • Worked great last time I used it, basically brand new.

$100 shipped?

Socom gear PMR30

  • Yikes, a mediocre but cool looking CO2 GBB

$50 shipped


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