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Shot Show Japan 2017


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Ah.  Good spot.  I didn't link those pics together when scrolling through.


Probably a case of

'We have a spare bit of rail, what can we put on it?'

'A torch?'

'Got one already'

'A laser?'

'Don't have one'

'A red dot?'

'Sure.  Why not'

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Do we know any more about the PM9? Looks like a Mac 11 in a plastic body - presumably the same one used in the AEG version: https://www.popularairsoft.com/news/mach-sakai-mdn-corp-minebea-pm-9-aeg


This is the first I've seen of both the GBB and AEG. Does anybody have more info? 

Not aware of an AEG version. The one in the "AEG" article uses a Maruzen M11 GBB. From what Vorpal told me it's not really worth getting being made of really brittle plastic, almost like cast resin.

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haha I was gonna say that it sounded really good for an AEG! Shouldn't have skipped through the video as much.


The plastic does look really tacky shame it's brittle.


Edit: on the other hand, it's still cool I guess. Maybe one day someone will do a proper kit for the kwa ns2 m11

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