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Umarex Licensed Glock Replicas


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Just released video by Airsoft GI - these are apparently under Umarex's "Elite Force" branding.




Looks like there's going to be a G17 Gen 4 and a G19 Gen 3, green gas for both. Correct me if I'm wrong, but those magazines look like VFC/Stark Arms.


Why they couldn't release a G19 Gen 4 is bugging me. Would love to pick one up if it were dimensionally correct (I CCW a Gen 4 Glock 19 as a lefty).

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Yes, of course they are the VFC/SA Glocks. Serial numbers match and the off-spec. tang on the Glock 19 frame matches the VFC/SA Glock 19.


$170 USD for either pistol and... $45 USD for spare magazines :o




Comes with extra awesome Licensed by Glock markings to make them even more "authentic"... :| 

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