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Odin speedloader mag adapter

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Bought my self an Odin speedloader (saw one and was very impressed by it) BUT as you all know basically all it'll load are 5.56 stanag mags unless you buy some ridiculously expensive adapters , so decided to make my own . Took a knackered old hi-cap cut it down to size cut away a fair bit of the old feed tube from the inside and then got one of those little speedloaders tubes you get with pistols that get binned straight away , cut it too size , big dollop of epoxy , chunk of packing foam to compress against the mag to be loaded to stop it sliding around and job done !

Now I do have to say I'm sat here with smug face as it's cost me nothing to make and after testing , it's loaded P90/MP5/M14/G36/Sterling mags all flawlessly! Well chuffed with it .




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