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A&K 1892 Mare's Leg

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I know it says 1873, but it's really patterned after the same 1892 they've made previously and a copy of Marushin. Probably has the same problems as the full sized model but o-rings are cheap and easy to replace.

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Yeah, I noticed those a few weeks ago. Also, it seems that the o-rings aren't a problem any more, the *suitcasey* hop-up is. I broke my full-size A&K 1892 by... running a cleaning rod down the barrel. Some weird thin plastic/rubber ring fell out and the gun just couln't keep BBs in the chamber.

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If it's anything like the standard length m1892, be prepared to put in quite a lot of effort turning this into a usable plinker, let alone a skirmish-worthy gun.

Mine is still not working 100% (looks like I'll need some better springs), but in the looks department it's a great toy. :)

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