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Tokyo Marui PX4 problems


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Hey there,

i have a few problems with my PX4.

When i grab the gun from my holster and proceed to fire at a target, the blowback action is pretty sluggish and only every second shot fires a BB down the range, while cycling at every triggerpull.

If i just take the gun from a table and shoot at targets, without holstering it beforehand, it shoots just as it should. I have tried every mag i have and this just keeps happening with everyone of them. Kinda feels like a little cooldown, hence the slide doesn't cycle completely and doesn't load a new BB, as the nozzle can't grab it. At least that's what i think.

This happened at all kinds of temperatures and with all kinds of gases. So there isn't much i can do in that regard. Funnily my WE G17 worked under the same conditions just fine. No problems there.


Furthermore, i now have a Problem with the decocker. It only decocks the pistol, if i slightly press down on the slide. Safety works just fine, regardless of the hammer position. But the decocker doesn't work. This problem just showed up today. So it shouldn't be related to the missfiring, i guess.


Did anyone have some similiar issues with his PX4? Or other TM-gun?

Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.

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