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Hey guys.


Here’s another retailer that I’m pleased to add to my bookmarks. They mainly stock PTW related items, parts and accessories.

I ordered a G&P WA SPR Front barrel/RAS set on Wednesday and it arrived yesterday, which is very swift considering it was coming from Germany. Although the payment process was a little long winded, what with transferring funds to their bank and all that international payment jazz. By the time they emailed me with their PayPal address it had already been paid. Lol.


They maintain communication throughout and I’d be happy to order from again.



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www.transferwise.com for international transfers. Total shill here.

They give the best exchange rates and lowest fee. Significantly cheaper than banks and paypal. Eg. i just transferred £290 to DKK for a £2 fee at exchange rate 8.43987.

XE changerate is 8.43922, so basicly the same.


It's a total cost of 0.8%.

Paypal would end up charging probably 8-10% (3.4% base fee + bad exchange rate cost).


Transferwise usually has the money transferred within 24h, if not the same day.

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