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You can get wood kits (as well as the original G3A3 slim type foregrip) for under $12 at CheaperThanDirt!. I want a wood kit too, but Cummunfornia law doesn't allow any importations of such kits.... :( Anything that includes a stock and pistol grip is a no go.


I bought a RS A3 grip for a friend and it came with a pistol grip.

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Here're my offerings.


First up is my Classic Army Sar Taktik II which

has been convered to a G3A4 by way of an

MC51 stock. It's front-wired to take two stick

batteries in the foregrip and has been fitted

with a silencer and reflex sight.






It's pictured below with its little sister, a

TM G3 SAS with a UMP stock.




Hope you enjoy.



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Here's my new CA Taktik Rifle II. I threw the supressor from my M41 on it. Looks pretty sweet! It's on the gearbox bench now receiving upgrades for the upcoming OP. We play in the woods mostly and I wanted something that would reach out and touch people...




Does anyone know what kind of scope that is. (brand name)


Thank you.

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Since we are talking about scopes and g3's.

What are good scope options for the TM Claw Mount. I dont want to spend much, i dont need too much magnification, i dont want to be looking down a pinhole either. Make my future MSg90 Happy

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nice looking g3's there.

iv just bought one and will post images when i get it.

does anyone know where i can get a full metal kit for the g3 sg1 off a UK site?

iv only found a lightweight metal body from firesupport costing £90 so far.



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