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Or a metal body :F


With more seriousness. Metal body would cure the creakiness you're going to get, sometime in the near future. I really don't like that scope on that gun personally, but if you want to stick with it, how about low scope mounts and a proper claw type mount? They tend to be more secure in my experience.

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Thanks for the suggestions. I got it on now. I just clamped in the sides and tightened it as tight as physically possible. Needless to say it's dug in very firmly now. IMO the scope configuration is just perfect. The high mount brings the scope right up to my eye and allows me to use the irons as well. The scope stays because I don't want to buy another and frankly I think its an awesome scope.

So there. =P

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Got the G3 90% complete. I've got a bit of titivating left to do but you get the idea.




I've got a CA metal kit and the armoured gallery barrel reinforcement thing.


It is utterly rock solid.




I look a bit mad in the photos, tough.

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