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WE and TM XDM and M&P Full Auto Shooting Problem Fix

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How to stop your WE and TM XDM and M&P from shooting in full auto.

Hello everyone, as some of you know i bought a 2nd hand faulty WE XDM 3.8 Compact as another project pistol, one of the problems this gun had was it would always shooting in full auto due to a worn hammer sear, in this video i show you how i stopped the gun from firing in full auto by filing down the edge of the sear giving it a nice flat edge again, this video will also show you how to change and replace the sear if you wanted to do that..





I hope this video is helpful to you.
Happy Shooting All..

ATB, Marc.. :)

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You should also harden the sear after filing the correct impingement angle, depending on the material, you can harden some metals with a propane torch and water.


If WE uses metal that's soft enough to wear after a few shots (and they do, the cheapscapes) then it's soft enough to wear a second time after filing.

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