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APS M870 ejecting issue


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Semantics :P


Can you please describe your problem in more detail? And perhaps some pictures/videos. Would help a lot.


Does the shell stay in the chamber and won't come back at all?

Or does it get pulled back but does not fling outward of the ejection port?


Right off of the top of my head my best guess would be that you have a broken extractor on the bolt. It's the little hook at the front edge of the bolt. Retract the action about 90% of the way and shine a light on the front of the bolt face and on the left hand side (looking from the front of the gun) you should see the extractor have a hook going in to the chamber towards the bolt face.




Either that or your shells are seriously worn down.

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Yes I am aware of this. But the average person, no offense to the original poster, does not know the difference between extraction and ejection, hence the comment.


It could also be a broken firing pin/firing pin cup because without those operational the shell is not held properly on the bolt face during extraction with enough force towards the ejector.

EDIT: Actually if it fires the firing pin is intact but the cup might have flown off.

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