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Tokyo Marui SGR-12

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You know, I'm not actually sure that we do. Currently it's a reasonably balanced tool that isn't so overbearing as to make it obnoxious. More FPS or RPS and it could easily be a pretty dickish gun. If I converted one of my AA12s to HPA, it would probably be 350fps and 20rps, which although reasonably modest is still 60 BBs per second, and nobody is going to enjoy playing with that except the psychopath behind the trigger. Having said that, if you have the money I have the technology  :D

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... A smaller LiPO battery should do the trick. At least that's what I hope, because I don't use NiMH's any more... :D

And now I can confirm that these tiny batteries fit without any modification needed. https://gunfire.pl/product-eng-1152206127-LiPo-7-4V-950mAh-25-50C-battery.html

I bought two just in case they don't have enough juice to empty a drum mag (not that I'm likely to shoot a whole drum in a game anyway...)

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