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TUC - Tactical Universal Clip

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Hello everybody,


I heard about the Tactical Universal Clip since a while, so I got one to test it and see if this product is really usefull!



For this review, I have borrowed some guns from my friend Mickael and I have tried the TUC on many airsoft guns.



-Introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptcYaJyl01E

-The product: https://youtu.be/ptcYaJyl01E?t=1m11s

-Assembly: https://youtu.be/ptcYaJyl01E?t=5m57s

-Guns tests: https://youtu.be/ptcYaJyl01E?t=12m9s

-Conclusion: https://youtu.be/ptcYaJyl01E?t=23m51s


Don't forget to subscribe, comment and like 1f609.png ;)[/size]


You can buy TUC products here: http://bit.ly/TacticalUniversalClip


See you guys

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