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Interesting choice from SRC

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Looks like SRC have released a couple of new versions of the XM8.








wouldn't mind seeing the XM8 CC with the MP7 style stock.


Should be easy enough to make reliable with it being a V3 gearbox. I've got one of the original SRC XM8 and apart from looking like an angry Salmon it works ok.

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I have one of the original ‘ACM’ ones , feels and sounds as sloppy as a bowl of cold custard but has a cracking range on it , think the fire selector was made by Citroen, or more specifically by the part of Citroen that made the gearboxes for the 2CV ! “Yea that’s semi I think oops no it auto ! Oh hang on a bit it’s single again !”

Don’t like the first , too ‘mainstream’ but the CC has potential!

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