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Umarex HK416 A5 GBBR & Magpul UBR Stock


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Hi Guys


Looking for some help on getting a UBR stock attached to the 416A5. 


I have an Element UBR stock but the stock tube isn't compatible with the 416A5 lower.  The diameter of the tube which came with the Element is much smaller than the one which comes with the A5 (as in the threads, there is about 2-3mm in the difference)


I suppose my question is would a real steel UBR fit?





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Hi, Thanks for the reply.  Yes it comes with the two buffers and I have tried the correct one. The issue is the threads are not deep enough on the Element.  So both buffers (AEG & GBB) just slide in and out of the rear of the A% receiver.  Best way to describe it would be like threading a M8 bolt into an M10 nut. 


Actually I have solved the problem.  A friend had a RS UBR and used the buffer from that and it fitted perfectly. So all sorted now.

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