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Tokyo Marui Hk USP F


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Latex? Like caulking or window sealant? How hard is it to remove once hardened? Ive been using Permatex gasket sealer and its worked well unless i didnt seal it well, then its absolute hell to remove it and do again.


Try latex based sealants, lasts longer. Oldest one's in my Detonics mags going on maybe 8-9 years now.

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Not the best photos but it will give you some idea.


USP Tactical has the Nova slide.

Standard USP has the Detonator slide.







The Detonator slide has a slightly more grey appearance than the Nova.

The finish on the Detonator is more smooth than the matt finish of the Nova (it's not rough per se, just the Detonator finish is so smooth).

The white lettering is etched deeper on the Detonator.


Both slides went together easily but Detonator's moving extractor requires fitting a replacement nozzle spring guide/stop which simply does not seem to stay securely in place allowing unwanted movement of the spring. To allow the use of the standard TM nozzle spring guide/stop, I modified the standard TM extractor to fit, then refinished it before installation. It would be possible to cut a piece off of the TM extractor to allow the use of the Detonator extractor but I am happy with the TM part. For the moment, anyway ;)


The Nova comes with it's own aluminium sights.

I did order some steel Detonator sights to go with the Detonator slide but as they went wayward in the post I fitted the standard TM sights as I could not wait.

I did not try swapping the sights between brands of slide but it would be logical to think that they would be the same.


The Tactical barrel allowed for a longer inner barrel to be fitted. I used a 112.5mm barrel.


The USP has got quite a kick. Shooting side by side with an HK45 (both guns fitted with Detonator slides), it feels a bit heavier to me.

I should add that there is no real difference in kick with either the Detonator or Nova slide on the USP.


Shame about the TM markings on the frame, but they do not seem as intrusive as the one's on the USP Compact.


To date, I have used the Detonator fitted USP in a skirmish and it performed admirably.


If you have any questions fire away!

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I hope that this will suffice as I had to edit the photos with my finger on a mobile device!


There's 3 steps which I have highlighted in white.

They show the approximate position of the modified areas.





1. The large paddle at the rear of the extractor needs to be almost completely removed. I have shown this as the areas in white. Note that I left two spigots, the exact position will be the same as the notches inside the Detonator slide. Best to use the Detonator extractor as a template.


2. Almost at the same time as removing the bulk of the paddle, a slight taper should be put on the rear underside of the extractor. This will allow it to pivot into place (as per the Detonator extractor).


3. Reduce the two front support wings so that the extractor can push deep enough into the slide. This is quite easy as they just need to be brought down to level (there is a handy line on the casting to use as reference).


This is how I did it and it locks in place solidly with absolutely no movement with the blowback unit in place.


Best of luck.

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