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3D Printed Suppressor

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I had an MP9 power up silencer collecting dust in the corner, love the look but not a fan of the extended inner barrel thing, so I turn it into trash :P



nope, the QD mechanism was a bit too flimsy, BBs keep hitting the baffles and the exit hole (I even drilled it bigger)



Oh, also this earlier iteration, which was quite success, it works so well that I almost forgot its existence.








I then stumbled across this article:



hmmm very interesting design



google some more and I found this:





Woah, that became extra interesting, I need to attack that


4th axis was new to me, and AFAIK the CAD software has no real 4th axis modelling so I needed to find a workaround to do a watered down version





..... and here's the result



Sizes are all made-up and designed to be printed by FDM printer, i.e. all thickness are multiples of nozzle diameter / layer height.




Actual printing and finishing was the real challenge of this project, the main baffle part was so PITA to print since however you print it, it needs tons of supports and supports don't play nice (especially on curved surfaces), after few test prints and lots of failures...





Support material removal on this particular part takes about an hour, shouldn't use white since the color of the material makes it even more difficult to work with :(


Luckily, processing of the other parts was a breeze, just peel of the stuff and good to go.



As a side note, threads are printed, works perfectly after some clean up.








Tested on air cocking sniper rifle and a stock TM P90 AEG, it showed quite a bit of sound dampening on both platforms, no baffle strikes so far.

I doubt it would have same level of effectiveness with foam ones, but it's cool and awesome after all  B)


Material ~ PLA (same stuff as bio BBs, if something goes wrong it WILL break, if time comes I will print again in PETG, which is like soft drink bottles but TOUGH)

Length ~ 176mm

Diameter ~ 46mm

Weight ~ 155g

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Suppressor design is greatly influenced by the intended pressure. For airsoft there's just not nearly enough to make good use of more complicated baffle design. But what you could do is both. I imagine filling the voids with open cell foam will make it work better.

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Sure, I always imagine what works best is just plain brutal energy absorption, i.e. foam/felt/rubber/etc.

But it's still cool to see the slow down the high pressure gas and let it exit slowly working to some extent.







oh wait, I could print flexible material...... :cookiemonster:

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This is slightly off topic, but what kind of software would you recommend?

I have made some small and rather large designs like stock adapter and hand-guards,

but I am struggling to find a reliable way for threading, so stock-tubes or flash-hiders can be attached on the 3d printed part.


Thanks in advance.

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Simplify 3D is very good, it also lets you print part of an object at one setting and another part at another, for example a grip could be 100% info where it bolts to the gearbox but 30% for the rest of the handle.



But I am looking for 3D design software that lets me design specific threading (internal and external) in 3D. like 14mm CW or CCW.

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I have Fusion360 never noticed that it was possible.

I used the use 123Design.

But since there is no support I cannot access my file through this programm.

It's been A while I have used Fusion360.

So memory is hazy of all specs.

I will try again.


Thanks a lot for the information. :D

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