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KSC Auto 9C

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This is the KSC Auto 9C, better known as 'that gun from Robocop'. Older members of the airsoft community may remember these from the 2000s, when they were still in production. Recently KSC put them back into new production, unchanged from their original release.




The Auto 9C is a mostly-plastic replica built around a KSC M93R. Unlike the movie gun, this version lacks the distinctive three-round burst setting. While the internal parts needed to enable burst mode are available separately, they are prone to breakage on this design.




Only the plastic slide cycles, leaving the barrel extension/compensator assembly in place. Thanks to the plastic slide, this gun cycles extremely quickly on both semi and full-auto, and despite being the original (pre-NS2) KSC gas system, is surprisingly efficient, having no difficulty cycling through a 38rd magazine on full-auto.
The muzzle velocity was chronographed with 0.2g BBs at 250fps on HFC-134A duster gas, and 330fps on propane, both at an ambient temperature of 70F.
The controls for the fire selection are located in the usual place for an M93R, allowing semi-auto (with the fire selector up) or full-auto (with the fire selector down).
The barrel extension/compensator assembly is secured by a single pin, and slides off when the pin is removed. While the gun itself has a decent amount of weight, particularly with a magazine inserted, the extension assembly is all-plastic, giving the gun an unusual feel and concentrating all the weight over the grip. There is plenty of space in the extension assembly for weight to be added if so desired.
The gun also features an extended inner barrel relative to a normal M93R.
Lastly, comparing the Auto 9C to a G17 demonstrates how ridiculously large the pistol is. At over a foot long, it outclasses even magnum-caliber semi-autos.
This gun is currently available from Hong Kong airsoft stores for around $200 USD. While it shows its age and is comically oversized for what it does, it is functionally sound and, if so desired, viable as an airsoft sidearm.


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I have bought it too, together with the burst set. Now I regret it a bit with the metal conversion set for M93r released few months ago.


But hell, for few months I was the only one having it here in Czech :-D



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Recently?  It was last spring that they came out again.  They put out another batch this winter?


Nah, I'm pretty sure it's that same production run. I'll call last spring 'recent' on the scale of the design's age  :P

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