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Umarex/KWC Beretta M9A3 CO2 GBB pistol :D


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So, I recently watched a review by Sootch on the RS Beretta M9A3 and was like "Hey, that looks pretty cool!".



So I Googled "M9A3 airsoft" to see if there was any replica out. And I got a hit on YouTube, from Shot Show 2017 (last year).



Also some info about an upcoming KSC M9A3 (I don't like KSC)


They say there that it is an early prototype and under the Elite Force name.

US Elite Force version supposedly has a full-auto switch.


Well, then I went on to https://www.airsoftdb.com/ and looked for it, and it is actually out in Europe :D



And I bought one, and just got it! :D

No full-auto on this one, maybe just German specific (semi only law for airsoft)


Not test-fired it yet.


Bought it from a German store with the help of Google Translate from Conos Store for €149 EUR ($185 USD, £130 GBP): https://www.conos-store.de/beretta-m9a3-fde/airsoft/a-15654/

(out of stock now)


Apparently it's been out as a 4.5mm CO2 pistol for while.






  • Official replica
  • Replicates pretty much all new features of the M9A3
  • Nice color replication
  • Full blow back
  • CO2 out of the box
  • Decent details
  • Feels good
  • Preliminary it seems it will take RS M9A3 grips with minor mods (tested with M9 grips but the extended mag release is in the way)




  • Frame is plastic :( (BUT, if you want to think positive, you can imagine it is Berettas step towards a polymer framed M9A3, and it looks and feels pretty good so not a huge deal actually!)
  • Markings are white laser etched
  • No functioning de-cocker (trigger disengage only)
  • KWC OEM (not sure if that is really bad, considering how I feel about their 1911s :D )


I shall post some pictures in a bit! :)


And maybe start a review topic tomorrow.




















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KSC/KWA does not use white.   KSC prides themselves on 1:1 fully funtional GBB's (working safety, real type trigger spring...etc.


The item pictured is "not" KSC.  It's a "KWC"


The rough parts are the cast marks.  

Spring Guide finish is flaking

Barrel is not centered in slide, it will wear unevenly on left side

White laser etching is pock marked

Barrel Finish is inconsistent, bits of unfinished metal showing on parts.

Lower is not consistent in machining as well as slide. (Picture 6)


Being that it is a KWC on CO2.  It's meant for only one thing...economic benefit for the company selling it.  I know...I used to work for a company like that and have been to the "old" KWC facility in Taiwan.  Not the new one...

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Personally it is the white scroll etching that I dislike the most, ksc/kwa seem to like that, but when the original markings are engraved then I feel it cheapens the look of the replica. I don't mind if the original gun uses it, like b&t.


This is a KWC replica, not KSC/KWA.



Mmm - quite like this.


How is it to fire? below 350?


I think the aesthetics look great - what is the system compatible with? Is the KWC a non Marui platform? I assume ts different to the KSC/KWA one too?


FPS is around 310-330. KWC uses proprietary system, non TM/KSC/KWA compatible.

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Still in it's box pending unboxing and review video and as with most of my guns it is unlikely that I will use it much. But I have had it out and about in the couch and played with it and I like it so far if that helps any 😛

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Will be looking forward to the video. I've been considering this pistol for the last couple of months as one of my sons is a big M9 fan and was looking for a good out of the box version that wasnt going to require tons of money and time to upgrade.

I'm also looking at the G&G version as well.

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