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AAF American Airsoft Factory M4

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So, It's here....


Very brief overview as I've only give this a quick once over so far last night. I went for the "Mako Skeleton Kit" as bodywork and bits is not a problem as I'm sure is the same for most of you guys & girls that have picked stuff up over the years. The BCM replica rail is from a gas rifle so such things and real steel items shouldn't be a problem. 


The receiver is nice and solid, bit of a raw feel to it, looks like it can take some abuse but time will tell on that one I guess. The trades are not obscene. in fact they are actually quite subtle and nicely engraved. The fire selector switch is a little stiff right now but I'm sure that will become nicer with a bit more usage. It'll take normal AEG grips and motors so changing out to your own liking should be no problem.


Trigger pull is light. Think of a Systema PTW and you're there. The response is good and cycles nicely. Recoil is there, not smash your arm out of it's socket kinda recoil but most certainly felt. I'll compare it to some of my GBBR stuff when time allows but I'm liking it.


It's launching .25bb's straight and true as far as my vision allowed last night so the hop up and inner barrel looks to be effective. Averaging at 310fps (.20's on my home chrono) as I asked the guys to bring the power down being that 99% of my game time is spent at Zed Adventures - The Mall.


Bolt lock with standard AEG mags... It works.. Tried some mid cap Hegmags and had no problem. It does leave 2 BB's in the magwell but I think that due to the follower in the mag not being long enough to push those last couple up. Drop the bolt and pull the trigger and it will put those last couple down range. I'll try a few different mags and see if that's the same for all but overall the system is impressive and I'm really looking forward to getting it in game! 


Sorry if the photos are a bit off, first big post from moi!








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So it's like a flat hop with an extra patch, AEG barrel and bucking are used the. Good choice.


I'm really curious to see who will come on top for the "realistic premium AEG" market, AAF or GBLS, both are very appealing in their own terms.


Even so, Hypnosis, please do not refrain from making videos of the gun and "in game opinions" ; )

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How much did it end up setting you back if you don't mind me asking. I've just had every single gun I own stolen and have had my eye in these for a while so a bit split between this or throwing money at a upgraded tm recoil.


Sendt fra min SM-G935F med Tapatalk


Sorry to hear that mate. It was around £900 top of head. Due to life I haven't been able to do a great deal with it at the mo which is frustrating 

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Sorry to hear that mate. It was around £900 top of head. Due to life I haven't been able to do a great deal with it at the mo which is frustrating

That`s not as bad as i thought it would be with shipping, vat and import fees.


(This is "dj john" btw just forgot i had set up a new account) 

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Bit of an update for you all

Not long after getting it, it decided to have a fit and stop working. This was before doing much at all with so annoying to say the least but being a new company and new product I did expect something to crop up. Now quite that quickly but hey ho... So after having to strip it down to just the gearbox just to send it back (f**k you UK delivery services) It finally returned with updated electronics. They sent me an entire lower back which was nice and after changing the spring out to get the FPS I need (VSR spring clipped to size for your info) it was back in action. So Sunday at my home site, Zed Adventures The Mall it finally got it's first outing.  It was bloody fantastic! Fed every shot with no problem, was on point with accuracy and the kick is satisfying. It's still not as hard as some of the GBBR's out there but it's certainly felt and was a joy to play with over Sunday.

I did put a camera on it but it's dark at the Mall so I'll try and edit the light bits together when I get some time. I should be back down the Mall for 10th June if anyone else is interested in the platform. As it goes right now, I'm a happy squirrel

edit mall1.jpg

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4 hours ago, DarkLite said:

Very nice!

Does the Gearbox fit a standard AEG M4 lower? If so... THAT makes things veeeeeeeeery interesting!

Well I want to build a second upper. I've got one "standard" AEG so might try and swap over some bits at one stage. 

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i guess ill save up for one, it does look at least better out of the box than a Tippmann and has more parts made in house than Umbrella. 

They do look like they really need help though. their website is riddled with typos and since the CEO is one of the guys assembling the rifles, they must not have a lot of staff. 

I'm considering sending them my resume, but they don't appear to be looking for any extra help. I dont know if i want to live in utah, but i do have a friend that lives out there i could bunk with. 

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