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Bravo team JOKER

Tom Chance the division loadout

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I am currently putting together a division style loadout and struggling to find the single strap style bag used in the game does anybody know where I may find one.


I already have a Pj vest and a tactical harness which I could use as it is very much a throw together type look.


Also looking at a face mask/virus filter and DZ extraction pouch.


Any ideas for anything else that would make the loadout look the shizniz

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You mean, a go-bag? I think I've seen them here and there, and now that you mention it, I could use one as well as the cheap Chinese buckles on mine broke long ago.




Here's a link.

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Certain gears in the game have triangular sling bag model, aaaaaand ubisoft and 5.11 are buddies and feature 5.11 gears in their games so you're probably looking for similar bags

http://www.511tactical.com/select-carry-sling-pack.html (IIRC some ACM gear brands had similar bags but couldn't find them)

...........maybe just MAP pack or even 3Day



basically created for this very purpose




grab the cheapest one you can find



and if you're hardcore enough





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Have you looked at taiwangun in poland

Yep, they're all out of sling packs, same goes for Gunfire. I did find a shop that has the 10L MOAB pack for about €110, to say nothing of $25 AliExpress jobbies that are obvious ACM knockoffs.

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Personally, I wouldn't get hung up on having to have a single strap backpack.  It's a pretty dumb design and there's a reason you don't see 'operators' using them.  Just go with a proper tactical backpack that can actually be used outside of cosplay.

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Does anyone know if a PMR radio (or a Baofeng) will fit inside that com-unit shell? Functional prop is better than just clutter, methinks... :)

P.S. Looks like Arnie's got a bit of a spam infestation... :P

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