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From today and yesterday ( 14th and 15 th of march )..
I don't know whether it's been reported yet, but it irks me.


Could somebody look into it please?


Also, people are indeed liking old posts from me. Old posts that don't matter anymore from WAY back. By people unknown to this forum.


We been hacked?

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There have been several spam bot posts recently, most about loans and car insurance.


Not sure if that helps?

Several is an understatement, I've banned more accounts in this last week than I've done in all the time upto it and I know other mods have banned a lot as well!


There's also a whole bunch of ###### about writing essays and such posted on the news page. It's over 24 hrs and I'm surprised it hasn't been taken down.

Yes I spotted that and reported it to Arnie, forum mods can't do anything with the news page but it is possible to report anything odd on the news page using the 'Contact Us' link on the right hand navigation bar on the news page.

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